Pre | Post Occupancy Services

Commissioning is much more than testing of systems. As a Certified Commissioning Firm (CCF), our established pre- and post-occupancy procedures ensure that systems are installed and operating correctly, within the performance objectives of the design, and maintainable for the equipment life-cycle. We can review O&M materials to provide manuals that can be a ready-reference to the operations team, as well as ensuring that the as-built documents are completed accurately and with relevant information for future changes. From a Transitional Services perspective, our team can help assist with the move-in gaps between design-team assumptions and owner needs for operation and process that often lead to facilities not operating efficiently. After facilities have been in operation for 10 months or longer, our team can provide validation of existing systems to refine operational sequences of operation and identify opportunities for energy efficiency improvements to help our clients save money and reduce their carbon footprint.


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