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Our team of expert Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing engineers provides design and consulting services for buildings and campuses across a wide range of markets and industries ranging from general commercial and retail stores to entertainment, healthcare and critical facilities. We specialize in the design of:

  • Mechanical systems including HVAC, building automation, chiller and boiler plants, specialty exhaust systems, and clean rooms
  • Electrical systems including utility service coordination, on-site renewable and standby, uninterruptible power systems, distribution, monitoring, and control
  • Lighting design including fixture selection and layout, daylight integration and evaluation, energy code compliance, and controls
  • Plumbing including domestic potable water, grey water, sanitary systems, treatment, infection vector management; and fire protection including wet pipe, dry pipe, misting, and gaseous protection systems.

Additionally, we provide engineering support for low voltage systems including fire alarm, public address, nurse call, security/access control/CCTV, and IT cabling backbone systems.

The diverse range of projects delivered by our team allows us to work from all perspectives of an established design team. Our work as a sub-consultant to architects and contractors, our routine delivery of projects direct to owner, and our ability to take the lead as prime consultant have all contributed to broadening our vision beyond just our scope of services and has led to more seamless and efficient coordination amongst all trades.


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