Master Planning

Master Planning

Often the biggest waste of resources in the design and construction process comes from inadequate planning and preparation before a project is turned over to the design team. Over the years, our team has master-planned over $7B worth of infrastructure construction, upgrades, and replacement to help optimize capital planning, functional phasing, and cash flow management. We work not only with the capital projects and facilities teams, but the C-Suite, finance, regulatory compliance, and contractors to ensure that Owner’s Project Requirements are adequately outlined, projects are broken down logically, and appropriate milestones are established for the broader objectives. To ensure continuity on projects that span decades, we develop a “living master plan” basis that can be continuously updated based on ongoing changes to the campus.

Sample Projects

Cal Poly Pomona

1,500 Acres

Azusa Pacific

52 Acres

Kaiser Permanente
Baldwin Park

1,500,000 Square Feet

Kaiser Permanente
Woodland Hills

1,010,000 Square Feet


1,000,000+ Square Feet

Teva Pharmaceutical

10,000 Square Feet


2,500,000 Square Feet

Abbot Vascular

250,000 Square Feet